PUMPED to be at #CMHStartupWeek! Looking forward to linking up with all of the great presenters and participants. If you’re around, say hello!

I missed my one month anniversary of being self-employed by close to a month. 😂 I promise, I’ll send an update of what I’ve been up to really soon. Lots of lessons learned already!

An oldie, but a goodie. 10 Things That Require ZERO Talent:
⏰ Being On Time
💼 Work Ethic
💪 Effort
👁 Body Language
🔋 Energy
👍 Attitude
💙 Passion
🎓 Being Coachable
🏃 Doing Extra
📖 Being Prepared

My Starting Line

Today is a “last day” that is really just a “first day” in disguise. I’m continuing my drive to see more of this world as a full-time business owner.

Each finish line that I cross is really just a starting line for the next big thing. While I am leaving behind a job, I’m finding a career. While I’m leaving behind a desk, I’m exposing myself to an entirely new lens to look through. While I’m leaving behind colleagues, I’m bringing along lifetime friendships.

It’s easy to make the “starting line” analogy, but my true test is going to be execution. A dear friend and client of mine just wrote a fantastic testimonial of the work that I do (thanks, Laurie!) and I’ll share just an excerpt:

He wants others to be tech-savvy. Wants them to speak this up-and-coming language with legitimate fluency so the community builds and self-sustains. He didn’t just hand me a fish, he taught me to fish. And will continue to help me, if my line ever breaks.

Laurie is an English teacher (you can’t tell?) so she has a way with words that I’ll only try to emulate as I engage future clients and business partners. My favorite part about what she had to say? It wasn’t about the quality of work (that came without question). It wasn’t about me being young (news flash, I’m not old). It was about my desire to share the wealth of the web with anyone who will listen.

In an industry where change is the only constant, my drive won’t. Cheers! 🍻


A teacher friend of mine has original Think Different laminated posters on her classroom wall… talk about inspiration. 🙌

SO close to launching the new site. I’m leveraging a bit of the MEAN stack and npm packages (markdown, body-parser) to make it uniquely mine. Still trying to integrate the blog directly without using Wordpress…

I'm Going Full Time

In 2013, I built my first website, The Pines at Tuttle Crossing. It wasn’t my first site, but it was the first time I monetized on my work. My excitement was out of this world. Over the years, the site has evolved. Take a peek at the link above to see its current look.

For five years, my “business” grew via word-of-mouth advertising. It was incredible to watch friends, family, and a growing professional network seek out my help to fulfill their unique needs. Today, I’m happy to announce that Chek Creative has become sustainable as a full-time gig.

I could list 100+ names of people who have supported and encouraged me over the years. My family has always been supportive and my network of creatives has grown and been equally as encouraging. Today, I have the ability to build a team for virtually any project of size, scope, and difficulty just through my “word-of-mouth” growth.

Chek Creative will always strive to provide “better media, for all you do.” 2018 will be a year of discovery and growth, and I hope you’ll follow along for the ride. We are open for business, and ready to take on whatever digital challenge you can bring our way.